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Android AsyncTask Example | Simplest code


is a background process that easily handle UI without handler.You must know that why we use background process. We need background process / multi threading for long processes like communicate with Internet or database. If you handle Multi Threading smartly then your mobile application should perform better.

Android Thread Example : Simplest code

This article will describe Android thread example:-

Multi threading, Processes and Threads in Android application development:

In Android every programm (application) have a main thread. We can’t do long processing in main thread. Long processes like communicate with Internet, parse long data or communicate with database etc.

Android SharedPreferences


Preferences are generly a little storage and typically name value pairs. They can be stored as “Shared Preferences” across various activities in an application. Or it can be something that needs to be stored specific to an activity.Here you will see the useage of SharedPreferences.

Java / Android Sort ArrayList

How to sort an ArrayList in Android:

Following code is describing, how to sort an Android / Java array list of user defined class.